Why Does Holle Use Goat Milk

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Why Does Holle Use Goat Milk

Why does Holle use goat’s milk?

For some years now, more and more people have been turning to goat milk, often to consciously avoid cow’s milk. Studies have shown that goat milk is suitable for feeding healthy infants. Goat milk has been approved as a protein source by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

If you watch goats eating, you will quickly see that they are very picky when it comes to foraging. This feeding behaviour affects the milk of the animals. Goat’s milk-based formula may be tolerated in some children with cow milk protein intolerance. However, cow’s and goat’s milk contain many of the same protein components. Children with a cow’s milk protein allergy often also do not tolerate goat’s milk. It is therefore important that you always discuss the use of goat milk-based baby formula with a pediatrician if you are suspecting your baby is having a cow’s milk protein allergy.