How to submit your KYC documents

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How to submit your KYC documents

Here is some important information about submitting your KYC documents for Indian customs.

Soon after FedEx picks up your order from our warehouse, you will receive an email or txt message from them with your Tracking (Air Waybill) Number. In that message, there is a link to the FedEx website where you can submit the requested information. 

Please Note:
- Your name and address provided during check-out must match precisely with the KYC documents
- No shortened names, nicknames, ‘pet names’ or department names
- Mention your correct phone number and email address if FedEx needs to contact you.
- Missing or incorrect KYC documentation delays your shipment and can incur extra fees.
No worries, it’s all digital and will only take a couple of minutes ;). The documentation process is one-time only. Next time you order from us, FedEx will not ask for any further documents.

Here’s a video with an explanation of how to submit your KYC details on the FedEx website:

For any KYC-related questions, please contact FedEx by email for support: or or check our FAQ page.