Why choose HiPP Combiotic?

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Why choose HiPP Combiotic?


HiPP was founded in 1899 and has since produced some of the world’s best baby formulas. It is a family-owned company based in Germany, and they specialize in creating a wide range of high-quality organic formulas from grass-fed cows. HiPP Combiotic is one of their formula lines, which has been around for many, many years. Find out why we love HiPP Combiotic so much!

The latest findings in breastmilk research are continuously implemented

Breast milk has a wide variety of building blocks that can promote an infant’s healthy development. Breast milk supplies many important nutrients in the right amounts. HiPP Combiotic is designed to resemble breastmilk in the best way possible. It is a formula with the latest findings in breast milk research implemented. HiPP Combiotic is inspired by nature:

  • Appropriately low amount of protein – as after expert recommendations (1.89 g protein /100kcal)
  • Approved prebiotics (GOS) – to support healthy intestinal flora
  • Human milk probiotics – originally isolated from breast milk
  • Valuable fatty acids (LCP) – important for the development of the brain, nerve cells, and eyesight
  • All important nutrients – micronutrients and micronutrients in exactly the required amounts

A Formula that follows your child’s growth

HiPP Combiotic has four different stages, which are designed to tailor to your baby’s nutritional requirements at each respective age. As your child grows, the nutritional needs changes.

Four main components that HiPP adjusts in their formulas to accommodate your growing baby’s needs are iron, calcium, vitamin D, and protein composition.  

  • Iron – carries oxygen to the muscles and brain and is important for blood formation and cognitive development. The HiPP follow on formula (from 6 months onwards, stage 2) contains twice as much iron as the HiPP infant formula as this is needed for the healthy growth of your baby at this stage.
  • Calcium – for the development of strong bones. As your baby becomes grows and becomes more active, the need for calcium increases.
  • Vitamine D – For bones and teeth, as well as the immune system. Until stage 2 (>1 years of age), the need for vitamin D is the same. After this, vitamin D becomes more important and increases as shown in the amount present in stage 3 formulas and onwards.
  • Protein composition (casein: whey) – they help repair and maintain vital tissues and, are crucial for the growth of all organ systems such as the bones and muscles. Proteins are essential for the growth and development of every child.

With the above adjustments, HiPP has developed formulas specifically for the age-appropriate needs of your child.

A formula that is produced with the environment in mind

This might not directly affect the quality of the formula (we think the above is already  convincing) but does make us love the HiPP company and, therefore, HiPP Combiotic even more. HiPP is involved with our planet and has been involved with sustainable management for a long time.  They have set many sustainable goals as a company, such as:

  • Organic and CO2 neutral production
  • Exemplary calculation of the CO2 footprint for products
  • Recycling where possible
  • Reduction in energy use and the use of resources like electricity, water and heating.

HiPP Combiotic is the formula that combines sustainable packaging with high-quality ingredients and responsible production methods, making them the ultimate, eco-friendly solution for your little one. If you have any further questions about HiPP Combiotic shoot us an email we are happy to help.