Types of organic infant formulas

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Types of organic infant formulas

Which organic infant formulas can be found on the market and can accommodate the needs of your little one? We will outline the formula base choices you have (cow/goat), and which special formula are out there to help decrease the most common feeding and digestive issues babies can experience.  


Choosing the base of the formula

The most commonly used base for organic formulas is cow’s milk, made of skimmed cow’s milk to be exact. This skimmed milk is often supplemented with a blend of organic vegetable oils to achieve a fatty acid similar to that of breastmilk. Vitamins and minerals are also added as this could help your little one grow and also mimic breastmilk as closely as possible.

Another option is a formula with a base of Goat milk. There aren’t as many goat’s milk formula options out there as the cow’s milk options. The goat milk variant could be suitable for babies who experience trouble digesting cows milk or displaying milk protein intolerance symptoms. Common symptoms of an intolerance are eczema or skin rashes. Babies with cow’s milk protein sensitivity might have success with organic goat’s milk formula. Goat’s milk is naturally homogenized, has smaller fat globules and a smaller, lighter curd, and is generally easier to digest than cow’s milk.

Besides the above two options, there are also soy-based formulas on the market. These formulas are created for lactose-intolerant infants, have severe diary allergies or other health-related issues. Soy-based formulas are often highly processed because they are entirely plant-based and are therefore much less similar to breastmilk. These formulas cannot be made without certain non-organic ingredients. They are not produced in Europe, where they only allow organic formulas. Please check our blog post about soy-based formulas to get more in-depth knowledge about this topic.

Special infant formula types

If you choose a cow’s based baby formula, there are many special formulas to choose from. They have been developed to help decrease the most common feeding, and digestive issues babies can experience. Think about issues such as:

  • Gassiness
  • Colic & Constipation
  • Acid reflux
  • Spit up
  • Sensitivity / allergies

HiPP has developed three special formulas to tackle these issues, namely:


HiPP Comfort – This formula contains hydrolyzed proteins, reduced lactose content, and several different carbohydrate sources, making it easier to digest. It reduces Gassiness, constipation, and colic symptoms. It is specially developed to comfort the digestive system of your little one.


HiPP Hypoallergenic  Approximately 7% of infants are affected by cow milk protein sensitivity. When this is a severe allergy, the baby requires a special amino acid-based formula. Babies with sensitivity or a mild form of intolerance can benefit from a hydrolyzed formula such as HiPP hypoallergenic. The milk proteins have been broken down in more manageable sizes. This formula is specially designed for babies that are prone to allergic reactions and have special dietary needs. A formula that is easier to digest and minimizes the risk of allergenic impact.


HiPP Anti Reflux – This formula contains locust bean gum, making the formula thicker and creamier to help your little one keep the formula in their tummies rather than spit it back up.

These special formulas are, for the majority, made out of organic ingredients. But there is one that cannot be obtained in Organic form, and that is the hydrolyzed milk protein. Due to this ingredient, these formulas cannot be officially certified as organic.

If you have any further questions about the different types of Formulas out there, please shoot us an email, we are happy to help