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An unforgettable Christmas with your baby

With COVID-19 touching all of our lives, it has been quite the year. Our Christmas might be a little different from what we have been used to, with social gatherings brought to a minimum.  But when it comes to making memories, there is nothing quite like Christmas.

Christmas is also the type of day that can bring stress and can be quite overwhelming in ordinary circumstances, with family visits, social obligations, presents, dinner (preparations), dressing up, and…then try adding a newborn in the mix ;). The good news about this year is fewer social obligations and plenty of time for you and your little bubble. It is the perfect time to start new family traditions. And even though you cannot be with all your family and friends this year, you can still make the holidays magical and memorable.

Here’s how to survive Christmas this year with less festive stress and more baby bliss …



Go out for a walk!
Pack up the family around dusk and enjoy a festive stroll together. Your little one will be fascinated by all the twinkling lights, and at the same time, you can enjoy the romantic walk with your partner. Especially this year, more light than ever are out there to give each other some mental support and make Christmas shine.

A visit from Santa
Keeping things low-key this Christmas means for many families that they will have to skip one activity this year, which is the traditional photo with the mall Santa Claus. Why not DIY this year and get an adult Santa suit. Set up a photoshoot next to the Christmas tree, and there you go, your first DIY Christmas photo with Santa.

Babie ornament
Capture your baby’s tiny cute little feet and hands. Even though you think it will not happen,  you will forget how small they once were. By preserving your baby’s hand or footprint in salt dough, you have it captured forever. Turn it in a Christmas ornament to memorize their first Christmas.  The recipe for salt dough is super simple:


1 cup of flour
1 cup of salt
1/2 cup water

Mix the salt and flour in a large bowl, make a well in the salt/flour mixture and add the water. Knead until smooth. You can air dry or dry in the oven at 200F. How long it takes depends on the thickness of your masterpiece.


Stream Santa’s reindeer live
Introduce your little one to Santa’s reindeer via the reindeer cam. This year will be a challenging year for Rudolph and the gang, so they need all the virtual support they can get!

The holiday season isn’t just for receiving—it’s also for giving. And with everything going on in the world, giving back to families in need and teach your kids the importance of being charitable has never been more important. Purge baby items you no longer need, such as toys or outgrown clothes, and give them to charity.